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Once upon a time, in a land far far away called Southern California (USA) a bunch of friends got together for hours and hours and made some parody dubs. They spliced and sometimes scripted and ad-libbed and improvised and came up with some pretty funny stuff. Quite alot of it was of objectionable humour, and the rest was just plain bad. ::grin:: They set up at a savings and loan community room, 3 people's homes, and even a women's bathroom! They would stop at nothing to get the project done. (You got it, they really had no lives.)

Now, Zero Productions would like to bring to you the joy that they had that long time ago. You can surf this entertaining site and view some clips. Sorry the clips are from the un-remastered version.

So yeah, early on February 29 (leap day!), 2012, at midnight Pacific time, we released all three episodes on Bittorrent, in remastered H.264 .mkv files, non-HD! Torrent (new upload for 2017).

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